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My Hero Cemetery Memorial Stake | Grave Decoration | Garden Stake Decoration

My Hero Cemetery Memorial Stake | Grave Decoration | Garden Stake Decoration

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A beautiful and enduring way to honor your loved ones. Crafted with care and precision, this UV printed acrylic stake is designed to withstand the test of time, providing a lasting tribute that can withstand the elements.

This cemetery stake features a UV printed design that offers exceptional clarity, ensuring your memorial message or tribute is beautifully displayed, rain or shine. Built to endure, this stake is weather-resistant, so you can trust it to remain vibrant and intact, no matter the conditions.

Whether you wish to place it at a gravesite, memorial garden, flower pot, or even in your backyard as a heartfelt remembrance, this stake's versatile design allows for easy placement wherever you choose.

The following poem is included in this design:

You held my hand when I was small
You caught me when I fell
You're the hero of my childhood
And my later years as well

And every time I think of you
My heart still fills with pride
Though I'll always miss you
I know you're by my side

In laughter and in sorrow
In sunshine and through rain
I know you're watching over me
Until we meet again


- Dig a small hole.
- Insert your stake in the hole.
- Backfill.
- This will stop any breakages of your stake.


Material: White Acrylic
Dimensions: 5in x 5in (Stake is 4in long)
Thickness: 3.0mm

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